PGM provides solutions to strategic business partners looking to offer futures brokerage services to their clients.

We enhance relationships that offer:

  • Additional and diversified revenue stream/expanded product offering
  • Customized turn-key solutions
  • Technology
  • Client Solutions

We provide futures brokerage services to some of the most respected securities firms in the world. These firms have recognized the benefits of adding futures to their product offerings and the breadth of PGM’s offerings as a strategic partner. Our professional broker-dealer and RIA clients are able to share in our established relationships with global derivative participants.

The futures industry represents a significant new market opportunity for equity brokerage firms.

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PGM maintains a highly flexible approach to working with our partners.

PGM develops plans to facilitate:

  • Onboarding
  • Execution
  • Client Service
  • Technology

Our broker-dealer clients benefit from our deeply experienced management team and leverage our current procedures and protocols for:

  • Compliance
  • Financial Reporting
  • Marketing
  • NFA Registration and Enrollment
  • Regulatory Documentation
  • SLAs


Our partners offer our professional clients customized financial reporting systems to track and reconcile revenue and analyze profitability across multiple levels.

  • Trade and commission data are accrued and tracked for management reporting and payout calculations
  • Data is aggregated and complied from multiple clearing sources
  • Set up commission schedules for multiple brokers or desks based on single or related groups of accounts
  • Create exception rules for accounts, markets, salespersons or other parameter
  • Generate structured payout reports for commission revenue while carrying recurring expenses and draws

Our advanced technology offering is further passed along to your clients.

  • Spectra may be white labeled for the broker-dealer clients
  • PGM provides access to alternative investment and wealth advisor databases
  • Managed account clients have additional access to VAMI, ROR, P/L, drawdown and other statistical analysis that typical derivative statements do not provide