PGM was established by an experienced team in the futures industry to serve both institutional and qualified individual investors. The PGM Managed Futures program helps our clients allocate to suitable managers through managed accounts. PGM provides its clients with access to highly skilled managers employing various styles, strategies and sectors. By using a quantitative and qualitative approach our veteran team guides clients through the allocation process to improve their underlying portfolios.

PGM has developed a collaborative program for investors and managers.

PGM Managed Futures Program

  • A good alternative investment is one that produces positive risk-adjusted returns (over a reasonable time frame) and exhibits a lower correlation to traditional investments.
  • We believe growth managers will outperform mature managers.
  • Separately managed accounts provide transparency, control, and risk management monitoring.
  • Portfolio diversification begins with manager due diligence and selection process.
  • Managed Futures, deployed intelligently across a number of managers, can be an effective compliment to traditional assets.
  • Choose PGM Alternatives for your collaborative Managed Futures solution.

PGM Partnership benefits