SPECTRA – Transforming Data into Information

SPECTRA aggregates transactional futures data from any number of clearing member firms by account and transforms the data into information.  SPECTRA provides users with the following:

  • Trade and position reporting, every 15 minutes
  • Intraday monitoring of positions against clearing house
  • Historical trade, position, balance and collateral reporting for the account(s) since inception (archiving data in real-time for the benefit of the licensee exclusively)
  • Comprehensive and flexible reporting
  • Adaptive P&L tracking
  • Customized daily reports to track commissions, fees, brokerage and volumes – by Account, Exchange, Contract, Desk and Trader
  • Historical daily and monthly statements for the account(s) since inception (actual pdf and txt files)
  • Once the consolidated data is in a common repository a number of additional analytical functions become possible
  • Post execution automated trade reconciliations