The Client Portal is an exclusive website for PGM account holders which provide a number of useful tools to manage your account, monitor your trading performanace and allow quick access to the services you need on a daily basis. Features include:

  • Trading statistics
  • Market quotes/symbol lookup
  • Downloadable daily and monthly statements
  • Wire/Check requests
  • Downloadable trade and position reports

Trade Reports

Monitor your trading performance with trading statistic charts. Find out if you usually make more in the morning or evening, track your average profit over time and find out if you do better long or short. This tool gives you insight into your own trading trends which you can leverage to be more successful. Some of the available reports include:

  • P/L Curve
  • Long vs. Short
  • Trade P/L
  • Winning vs Losing Trades
  • G/L by Hour of day
  • Average Profit per Trade

Cash Management and Banking Information

  • Provides accurate and efficient cash transaction requests
  • View your wire history
  • Check amount available for withdrawal
  • Electronically submit a request to be sent a check or wire


Tools, Quotes, Links and Moreā€¦

  • Access detailed quotes
  • Market profiles
  • Market Charts
  • Technical details
  • Futures Product calendar
  • Industry links